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Wilderness Connection » Lake Michigan Links
Connecting with the wilderness, mainly by sea kayak, but not solely.

Lake Michigan Links

I always have an interest in what’s happening on the lake, Lake Michigan–my home water.  Besides the weather links listed on the weather page (see Weather Links in the side-bar) on the site here, there are a few more links that you may find useful as well–at least I do.  So here they are, along with my comments.

If you have a favorite weather/conditions site, send it to me and I’ll get if posted.

Nearshore Forecast

This is a new and improved format (longer range and graphics) of the nearshore text forecast that we’ve used for many years http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?site=LOT&textField1=42.9916&textField2=-87.8159

Water Temperatures

Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System—Lake Michigan Surface Temperatures (note:  use the two drop- down lists to navigate to additional data http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/glcfs.php?lake=m&ext=swt&type=N&hr=00

Mid-Lake Buoy East Souteast of Milwaukee http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45007



Note:  Cloud covered areas of the lake surface cannot be read accurately by NOAA satellites so the computer program colors them black. Areas near the black masked cloud cover may not be as precisely reported as those some distance from the clouds. CoastWatch images are generally representative of surface temperature conditions, they are not as accurate as your road atlas.  Some areas are masked with grey color because the computer program has indicated the temperatures presented are probably cloud temperatures. The air temperature at the tops of clouds can sometimes be very nearly the same as the surface water temperature of the lakes below. The grey-scale masking indicates that the accuracy of temperature reporting is lower at this time.



Webcam links of current nearby Lake Michigan water conditions (“nearby” to Milwaukee that is)

Milwaukee Harbor


Various possibilities for viewing current conditions in Milwaukee (warning:  can be a bit putzie)





Then there’s this bit of info, similar to the weather rope we used in the navy –


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Time: Thursday, October 9, 2008, 10:42

Thanks, good solid info.